Robotic Hip Prosthesis
New Surgery Technique

With robotic hip replacement, you can enjoy a more comfortable operation during and after surgery compared to the classic method. Meanwhile, robotic surgery has many advantages.

    More Painless and Faster Recovery with Robotic Surgery

    Operations performed by the robotic surgical method are considered better in terms of comfort compared to operations performed by the classical method. As a result of robotic surgery, the healing process is faster. Robotic hip replacement surgery has many advantages over classical surgery.

    The Latest Technique

    With robotic surgery, the latest technology developed for hip replacement surgery, where measurements are made in millimeters, the surgery can be performed without errors. Robotic hip prostheses are also considered to be long lasting. The robotic hip prosthesis has many advantages over the classic hip prosthesis. For more information about hip prostheses, you can contact us through the communication channels on our website.
    Robotic Hip Prosthesis

    Comfortable, Long-Lasting Prosthesis

    Besides robotic surgery, many problems that may occur in classical surgery are not encountered. In addition, robotic hip replacement surgery has very beneficial aspects compared to the classical method. In addition to making the surgery more comfortable, the features mentioned below are among the advantages of robotic surgery.
    Robotic Hip Prosthesis

    Current Technology

    Robotic Hip Prosthesis

    Longer Lasting

    Robotic Hip Prosthesis

    Advanced Surgical Procedure

    Robotic Hip Prosthesis

    Millimeter calculations

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Robotic hip replacement surgery has many advantages over classical surgery. The most important of these advantages is that the patient enjoys greater comfort during surgery as a result of the millimeter calculations performed by the robot. In addition, the recovery time after surgery is much faster than the classical method.

      In surgeries performed using robotic hip replacement surgery, the life of the prosthesis is longer than in surgery performed using the conventional method. One of the most important reasons for this is the more suitable placement of the implant and the good control of the soft tissue balance thanks to the robot.

      Hip prostheses performed using robotic surgery are a method generally chosen by patients because they are better in terms of longevity and usability.

      Robotic hip replacement surgery is performed if appropriate after conducting the necessary examinations for the patient’s complaints in the hip joint.

      After the robotic hip replacement, the patient feels less pain compared to the surgery performed in the classical way.

      The recovery process after hip replacement is faster than with regular surgery. While surgery performed by the conventional method heals within 3-4 weeks, healing is achieved in a shorter time as a result of surgery performed by the robotic method.

      Robotic Hip Prosthesis

      Robotic Surgery Proficiency Certificate
      Op. Dr. Ayse Erdogan

      Dr. Ayse Erdogan has obtained the required qualification certificate for robotic hip prosthetics surgery. You can get detailed information about robotic surgery by contacting Dr. Ayse Erdogan through the communication channels on our website.

      Robotic Hip Prosthesis