Robotic Knee Prosthesis
New Generation Surgery

We perform surgery more comfortably using a robotic knee prosthesis, which is the latest surgical technology. You can contact us for detailed information about the robotic knee prosthesis.

    Robotic Knee Prosthesis for High Comfort Surgery

    The surgeries performed with robotic surgery are more comfortable than the regular surgeries. In addition, since the measurements are made by a robot, the patient feels much better after the operation as a result of the error-free procedures.

    New technology

    Robotic surgery is the latest technology in addition to being the most recent among the techniques used in knee replacement surgeries. These robot-assisted surgeries are the most preferred method by patients in recent times. One of the main reasons for this is that the results of the surgery for the patient are very successful, and the operation is comfortable.
    Robotic Knee Prosthesis

    Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery for Better Results

    Robotic knee replacement surgery has several important advantages. Among these, there are many features such as digital measurement and millimeter calculations, long-lasting prostheses, and maintaining the balance of the soft tissues of the knee. In addition, in surgeries performed with robotic surgery, the patient feels much better after surgery.
    Robotic Knee Prosthesis

    The latest technology

    Robotic Knee Prosthesis

    Long lasting Prosthesis

    Robotic Knee Prosthesis

    Advanced Surgical Procedure

    Robotic Knee Prosthesis

    Millimetric Calculations

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Robotic knee prosthesis has many advantages. The most obvious among them is the robot taking the pre-operative measurements and determining them without error. It also ensures that the patient has a comfortable time both during and after the surgery.

      In artificial knee surgeries performed using robotic surgery, one of the most important factors for prolonging the life of the artificial knee is the optimal position of the implant as well as good control of the soft tissue balance. For these reasons, the life of the prosthesis is longer in surgeries performed using robotic surgery.

      If we talk about why robot knee treatment is important, as we mentioned on our website, taking measurements by the robot ensures that the operation is performed without any errors. In addition, one of the other advantages of robotic surgery is that the life of the prosthesis is much longer compared to surgery performed in the normal way. In addition, the patient lives a more comfortable life after operations performed with robotic surgery.

      This method can be applied to all appropriate patient groups. Those who suffer from knee pain at night or shortened walking distances should definitely see a doctor who specializes in this field.

      When knee replacement surgery is performed in the normal way, the pain is more than in the robotic method. However, when the surgery is performed robotically, the pain is much less.

      Regular technology is used to improve the maximum 6-hour warranty. Protected robots are definitely more popular than ever.

      Robotic Knee Prosthesis

      Robotic Surgery Proficiency Certificate
      Op. Dr. Ayse Erdogan

      Dr. Ayse Erdogan is a female operator doctor who has received the certificate of competence in the field of robotic surgery. Get detailed information by meeting Dr Ayse Erdogan, who has performed many successful surgeries from past to present.

      Robotic Knee Prosthesis