Bone Diseases

Bone Diseases

Bone diseases that are likely to occur in all the bones in our body cause the bones to become weaker and weaker over time. The most dangerous of these bone diseases is the congenital bone disease.

Common Bone Diseases
bone disease

Paralysis: Paralysis with sensory loss, dizziness, difficulty swallowing and other symptoms can occur due to problems such as vascular and nerve obstruction. Moreover, in the current medical world, there is no definitive treatment for paralysis.

Rickets: As a result of the lack of vitamins in the human body, rickets disease occurs. The most effective of these missing vitamins is vitamin D. In this disease, especially the bones in the legs are weakened and the diseased leg has a different appearance than the normal leg. If you want to be protected from this disease, we recommend that you consume all the food, including all vitamins, in a balanced and regular way.

Osteoporosis: In osteoporosis, where early diagnosis is important, bones weaken and can easily break. This disease can also be caused by the perforated structure of the bones. Symptoms include fractures of the ribs, shortening of the length, gradual hunchback of the back, a more rounded shoulders and other conditions.

Bone Inflammation: Inflammation of bone tissue occurs as a result of the attack of the bone marrow by fungi and bacteria. There are 2 types of bone inflammation. These include acute and chronic bone inflammation. Symptoms of this inflammation include swelling of the bone where the inflammation is present, pain and etc. In addition, the inability to use some limbs properly and high fever are the symptoms of this disease. Unfortunately, these diseases are more common in children.