What is Arthroscopy?

What is Arthroscopy?

Arthroscopy can be defined as a means to visualize the inside of the joints and to treat the injuries or diseases in the joints. Arthroscopy is generally used in knee joint related diseases; It is also used in shoulder, hip and ankle and wrist surgery.

How is arthroscopy performed?

Arthroscopic surgery is most commonly used to treat meniscus tears. However, arthroscopy is also used for joint problems due to ligament injuries, fracture or dislocation, or trauma.

ArthroscopyAdvantages of Arthroscopic Surgery

Since small incisions are taken from the body in the operations performed by arthroscopy, the healing process of the patients is shortened. Arthroscopy is not only beneficial in terms of patient comfort and quality of life, but also in terms of aesthetic appearance.

In arthroscopy operations due to trauma or joint diseases, the risk of damage to the joints is very low. In open surgery, other joints or body structures may be damaged during the operation.

In arthroscopy, joint area can be seen in detail. Thus, surgeons can perform extremely precise operations more easily.