Symptoms of Hip Calcification

Symptoms of Hip Calcification

Hip calcification occurs due to thinning of the joint structure, weakening of the bones due to insufficient or unbalanced nutrition, and smoking and alcohol consumption. In addition, a sedentary life, excess weight and traumas in the hip area can cause calcification of the hip.

Hip Calcification

Hip Calcification Symptoms

Symptoms of hip calcification are manifested by early pubic and knee pain, difficulty exercising, and pain in the leg while walking. Symptoms that occur in the following period include the fact that one leg of the patient is shorter than the other, the patient has difficulty in performing daily activities and the patient experiences severe pain while bending.

Hip calcification usually occurs after the age of 50. However, congenital hip dislocation or hip joint diseases may cause calcification of the hip at an early age.

Whether the patient has hip calcification is determined by an effective examination. However, x-ray, MRI and computed tomography may be necessary to diagnose hip joint diseases.